The Clarity comes to NYC an An Afternoon Panic Attack

We are bringing an incredible lineup into NYC for two Evenings with the Clarity. September 11th in Manhattan (we are shopping), September 12th in Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Music Center.

Its almost funny how good the lineup is for these shows:

Strand of Oaks also known as Timothy Showalter, who is in my opinion the one of the top 5 contemporary songwriters will be playing both shows and headlining our Manhattan show. You can listen to Timmy’s beauty here.
Samantha Farrell, a fine musician with an unbelievable and ethereal voice will be playing both shows. Her forthcoming album Luminous was the first and only ever produced by late DMB horn player Leroi Moore. You can listen to Sammy here.
Karisa Wilson a brilliant singer/songwriter from Michigan will also be playing both shows. She absolutely killed it at our June 20th event. You can listen to her here.
Michael Tyrell former poetry editor of The New Yorker will be reading. Michael is a truly gifted writer whose work moves me deeply.
Amy King another amazing poet who has published five collections will be reading.
Chris Hosea The Harvard grad will be reading his beauty as well.

These will be two very very special nights.

In other news, here is a poem I wrote while overcoming an afternoon panic attack today.

I died drinking in the afternoon and called it a victory
Before, I walked up to eat at a restaurant alone,
smoking cigarettes by citronella candles
Where were the bugs in the mid-day?
Michael Jackson died, and a sports idol
I wasn’t hungry, but I started bleeding at the table
The liquid slipped through the black wire mesh diamonds
and fell in no apparent pattern
I wished I could get away with loneliness
I couldn’t. Got caught red-handed three hours later
Cessation…..curled up next to a half gallon of the Russian
Zoloft, Risperdal, and Welbutrin in my stomach like skittles
Taste the rainbow