The Lyric Dream Project: Dream 21

The 21st installment in our Lyric Dream Project comes from a different project conceived by artist Michael McDermit entitled Dreams Are What We Wake Up From (After a Raymond Carver quote). McDermit’s project seeks to set a given dreamer’s spoken account of their dream experience to music and sound effects that mimic or convey the feeling, mood, and tone of the dream. McDermit has stated that Dreams Are What We Wake Up From is an attempt to provide yet another point of entry into the dreaming subconscious. All of the music that accompanies the dreamer’s account are original compositions rendered by McDermit after the account was recorded. This marks the first release of McDermit’s project. We are proud it has found a home here in Fogged Clarity. Enjoy.

Black Mask

Michael McDermit is an artist living in Oregon. He is a contributing member of the My Idea of Fun artist collective founded in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and currently teaches writing and literature at the University of Oregon.