The month’s opening

Greetings, this month will be one of agony and ecstasy. A little cut yourself open, a little beauty, a little misunderstanding. The Counting Crows just played a little ways down the street, Adam Duritz couldn’t put on a bad show if he tried. It is still as if he is living the pain that inspired the songs for the first time, and maybe he is. Anyhow, I will be sitting down with him later this month to do a feature interview.

I am searching for ways to spread the fog. For what we are doing and the caliber of work we display I honestly don’t feel as if we are read enough. More live shows. probably the answer. But after we blow minds with our print edition, we should be a household name.

If I am writing in this blog everyday, it is going to be stream of consciousness, nothing measured. We begin to cover a huge music festival tomorrow. Half hour up the road. Leave in six hours. Fuck, the blog is going to get good this month… nice and nasty and vulnerable and human. We shall converse tomorrow night