The Nine Day Wonder

The Nine Day Wonder is a self portrait series based of the concept of emotional transience. The phrase nine day wonder refers to a sensational event that evokes widespread interest for a time, but is soon forgotten. The backgrounds and foregrounds in this series, seem at times disconcerting and in a state of competition with one another, the background being as important as the portrait. This is imperative, as the background suggests the emotive and the foreground the veritable reality.

Julia Haw is an artist living in Chicago. In 2006, Haw was given the Best of  Show award for her work Human Fodder at the Western Michigan University student show, she graduated a year later with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  She has had several solo shows in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and has shown in various group shows in Lansing, Chicago, and New Orleans. She was recently awarded an Emerging Artist Grant to complete a series based on a section of  “Road Noise,” written by nationally renowned poet Mark Turcotte.