The Windows

The Windows is my attempt to visualize C.P.Cavafy’s poem of the same name. The animation was created in 2003, and was a personal project reflecting certain aspects of my own psychology at the time. A translation of the poem can be found below:

In these darkened rooms, where I spend
oppressive days, I pace to and fro
to find the windows. When a window
opens, it will be a consolation.
But the windows cannot be found, or I cannot
find them. And maybe it is best that I do not find them.
Maybe the light will be a new tyranny.
Who knows what new things it will reveal.

~ C.P.Cavafy

Socrates Galiatsatos studied motion graphics at the Glasgow School of Art. He was the recipient of the school’s ‘Motion Graphics Award’ in 2007. His work has been screened in several film festivals in Greece and elsewhere. He lives in Athens, Greece.