Too Much Time on My Hands

I find myself with a semi-free weekend. 

A “normal” poet would be writing or doing submissions.  I find myself with no words that feel like coming out, and very few submissions to do.  I have so many poems already “out there” I need to get some acceptances or rejections to know what’s still available. 

My bills are (almost) all paid. 

My son, who spent 12-hours yesterday at a Marching Band competition, better have logged off Facebook and continued with his homework. 

My boyfriend is visiting his daughter and grandson and sending me pictures of pubs, buildings, and food.  I just got a text picture of a gorgeous bottle of wine they will probably drink tonight.  And yes, I just got a text confirmation that they will open in tonight.  (I have part of a bottle at home that’s been open for so many days I don’t even think I can use it for spaghetti sauce.  In fact when we bought it, the sign said it had overtones of “smoked meat”.  Now it’s probably got overtones of a Zombie poem, but I don’t write Zombie poems). 

I have watched every recorded episode of: 

           Say Yes to the Dress,
           Long Island Medium, and 
           Breaking Amish

 I have watched the entire season of The Great Food Truck Race 

I can’t watch Private Practice or Grey’s Anatomy until we’re ALL together, nor can I watch the two Netflix CD’s of Season 2 of The Shield

All I have left is Chopped and one episode of Ellen.

My entire repertoire of “Insomnia shows” has been decimated in one little weekend! 

I don’t sew. 

I don’t feel like cooking/ baking/ doing laundry/ washing the car 

I won’t have a caffeine headache for at least two more hours 

My garden is such a mess from last year there is no room to plant anything 

I have already read this week’s People.  Don’t feel like reading anything else at the moment.   As for a movie?  That would require changing out of sweats and that’s just not gonna happen right now.

Oh my God, I am pathetic.  Guess I’ll take a nap. 

Bye, y’all.

Tobi Cogswell is a bored two-time Pushcart Nominee and Best of the Net Nominee.  Don’t give her any suggestions.  A Sunday nap to prepare for next week won’t be the worst thing.  She is the co-editor of San Pedro River Review (  The submission window is currently closed so she’s not neglecting any duties, just whining.