Two Squeaking Ghosts (in a World So Tall)

Oh I glowed with you tonight,
rode a little hum song,
flickering pinprick song
of the rippled stratus sky,

song of joy from the daily mudly bravery
of rolling from bed and taking
root in the stark breath of morning.

We whispered this little hum song
to the laughing river, we peeled back
lichens and found faded scars—
the names of love.

And when we heard the drawling night train,
we laid on our soft bellies, smeared
in blue twilight, parted the leaves of grass,
ears to the sod—

two glowing ghosts
with clattering heartbeat
moving down the line.

Andrew De Haan is a resident of Grand Rapids, MI. He enjoys singing, writing, eating, drinking, cooking, and brewing. In 2009, he received an AWP Intro Award for his poem “Archipalego.” His poems have been published in Through the 3rd Eye and The North Central Review.