Who Has a Better Suggestion?

When we ran out of petrol
you walked along with the can
into the grime and rainy light
of November,
I kept standing by the car
in front of this slice of the universe:
a fence with a piebald boar
and some jersey calves on a field.

Further away in the gravel pit
the stone-crusher got on with
tremendous crashes: What is man
supposed to do with his life?
Walk into the plantation;
sit down sheltered and listen
to the conversation between the wind
and the fir trees?
Who has a better suggestion?

Niels Hav is a Danish poet and short story writer currently living in Copenhagen. His new collection of poetry We Are Here is published by Book Thug, Toronto – and in Serbian translation U ODBRANU PESNIKA, by RAD, Belgrad 2008. He has published five collections of poetry and three of short fiction.