Work in Ink

Primarily, my work is accomplished with ink. I use all sorts of applicators, from pens and metal nibs, to quills and brushes. The inherent dynamic of the line is at the heart of my aesthetic. I attempt to achieve infinite simultaneous realities within each piece. Consequently, each image looks very different over distances. From afar it appears as an almost abstract anthropomorphic form, but as one closer approaches the image itself, the viewer discovers the multitude of separate levels and sections of imagery within the piece. More is always there than initially meets the eye. This is true with my work as well as my life. The work’s relation to the reality surrounding us is the fundamental and a conceptual essence of my aesthetic. I work in a permanent medium and I work as close to an open flow of consciousness as possible. Rarely do I do any preliminary sketches or treatments to work up the image. When working with ink, there are no mistakes or failures that can prevent the artist from pressing on. One must improvise, adapt, and overcome; transform a mistake that could potentially destroy the flow of the piece, into a working constituent element. One cannot go back in time, just as I cannot erase my ink. However, when something goes wrong in either my artistic arena, or the arena of my reality, I choose to learn from it, improve upon it and move forward. I endeavor to make it work and to sustain the visual communication.

This is what I strive for as a creator. My intention is to keep crying out in this novel visual language that I’ve created.

Jamieson Michael Flynn studied Fine Arts and drawing at Florida State University and earned a degree in Art History from Florida Atlantic University thereafter. His work has been exhibited in many galleries around the Chicago area including the Explorations show at the Highland Park Art Center, Morpho Gallery in Andersonville and Chicago Art Open 2008 held at the Merchandise Mart.  Currently, his work is on display at Effe Leven Gallery in the River North Art District and InnJoy Lounge in Wicker Park. His entire body of work can be viewed at